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My life i always crossed paths with fake friends, friends who sees you only when you are of use to them, When i was at high school on of my fake friends snatched my boyfriend from me and as time went by i moved and i accepted it.  I completed my high school in 2007 and i went at the tertiary institution straight away i met a friend a girl nice girl i thought a girl i took as my sister a girl i could trust my life with at that moment a good friend, that was in 2008. In my stories i spoke about this guy i have dated for 2years but we have never met, this friend of mine i met at tertiary lets call her Nice Girl, Nice girl was a friend of this guy i never met but yet i love so much. Nice girl gave this guy my number and we started off as friends me and this guy because at that time i was in a relationship yet with another jerk that broke my heart into pieces, in January 2011 this jerk broke my heart and i had no one to give me comfort apart from this guy that nice girl gave my number too, lets call him Stranger.  Well Stranger was always there for me gave me advice and i fell for him, and he fell for me he was such a loving gentle men a men any girl would die for, stranger always used to send me presents and always send money to my bank account little did i know Nice Girl also had eyes for Stranger and what nice girl did is she always told stranger things that would turn him against me thing between me and stranger started turning sour we would argue always. Well though me and stranger never met, he ones came to my town for us to meet but we had a misunderstanding and i told him i will not see him and i did just that and i did not see him.  Well Nice girl Is one of the worst Fake Friends i have or had, Nice girl made my life misrable since she too wanted stranger, Nice girl tried so hard to be like me she would buy cloths id buy try to dress like me and pouse of pictures like i do, nice girl got a job first before i was happy for her, later that year 2011 i also got a job and i showed her my contract little did i know nice girl got angry at me coz i was getting paid more then she was, when we were at tertiary nice girl would always get angry every time i beat her in the test or exam and shed stop talking to me but i was always there. Nice girl started introducing other ladies to stranger and all that id see stranger adding nice girl's friends on facebook and this girls always flirted with him in my face.  I decided to keep my distance from Nice Girl and i moved on while my so called boyfriend (stranger) and Nice Girl were still friends and i took it but nice girl always had something mean to say about me and feed stranger with ugly things about me things that were not true and in April 2012 i graduated for my Degree and nice girl didnt because she had subjects behind this made her hate me even more... So Nice Girl made new friends and i moved on, October 2012 i received a message from nice girl apologising for everything and she wanted  me to attend her graduation party and i said yes, at the party i met nice girl's friends so of them didn't like me coz they liked stranger but i had him.  Fake friends fake friends and i am tired of them now nice girl texts me always wanting to be friends with me again and try to make our friendship work again which i doubt will work coz i dont know if i will trust her again after what she has made me go through.  FAKE FRIENDS ARE POISONOUS SNAKES AND I AM TIRED OF THEM.............!!!!!

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FAKE FRIENDS, posted January 24th, 2013, 2 comments

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